As you are here, you must be curious for more. So here is my open book, enjoy.

My efforts to solve some very difficult challenges has led me to do something that we all do naturally until we deny it. That is to experience transcendence. Viktor Frankl asserted in his book: "Man's Search for Meaning" that this single ability of all men could heal us. I have to agree. But you have to flow with it to fully appreciate it. My utilization of this skill, like a artist with a brush is to solve problems, mostly focused on technology. The cool thing about it, is we can use it to benefit anything we do, from simple conversations to unifying physics.

Let me clarify what I mean by transcendence: it is the ability to know directly and understand completely.

I am a scientist at heart. I prefer to understand things that are real, know how they work and work with them in new and creative ways.  In my life I have studied a number of different areas of technology. When you understand the fundamentals, your options and ability to engage actively and successfully are greatly improved.

  • Business and Finance
  • Mechanical components, plastic and metal manufacturing and machining
  • Lasers and optics and optoelectronics
  • Semiconductors (from RAM to CAMs and MCUs and ASICs), data communications, and networking infrastructures
  • Applied Physics and Mental Disciplines of meditation and bio-feedback
  • Green-energy from advanced designs in electronics including how to make and use water as an energy exchange catalyst.

Working with high technology and others of divergent disciplines is my excitement.


Johnson O'Conner working with General Electric did an extensive study of what enabled people to be satisfied with their work. What he determined was that all of us have aptitudes that we excel in. Such as thinking of words, thinking two dimensionally/folding paper, visualizing three dimensionally, creativity, numbers, about 13 different ones total. Most people have one off the chart, and two or three others that are pretty high. Exercise your aptitudes regularly and you will feel satisfaction in your life. Jobs offer opportunities to do just that. Unfortunately I have about 10 significant aptitudes, no one job will ever satisfy me. Engaging teams of people is where it's at for me.

I also have experience in sales, marketing, project management, and product development with different organizations but my most enjoyable position would be in technology marketing and product development. I love the challenge of a complex problem involving technology, strategy, multiple disciplines of analysis, cultural differences. This combination is fun for me. I can facilitate understanding of the most complex situations with clarity and focus plus identify the crux of the problem to direct research and corrective actions that bring results.