Working with complex technology has always been fun for me. I have a highly developed sense of empathy that enables me to dial in the best way to communicate the appropriate features and benefits, as well as how tech works and what the total costs can be.

My career has been focused mostly on Sales and Marketing, both are skills that I combine in either position. The technology has spanned mechanical components to semiconductors and optoelectronics to software services.

I specialize in custom and semi-custom (MCU's/ASICs/Assemblies).

Some of my later work has been more into the research and development phases, which have always been a strong part of my custom marketing and sales efforts. Investigating the physics of green energy sources.

I've excelled in my positions at Hewlett Packard Optoelectronics, Siemens Optoelectronics, Mitsubishi, and most recently MUSIC Semiconductors with a state of the art Asynchronous Content Addressable Memory that outperformed RAM hash engines at twice the speed.