Below are the newest and the best links I have found related to the physics that supports and the efforts done to create green energy:  The organization that can teach you what Nassim did while living in his van. Direct knowing has unlimited potential, including solving Einstein's equations, something Einstein could not do. BTW, this is the way that Einstein said he came up with his theories. Nassim is on track to controlling gravity. Oh no! Another economic nightmare technology that will end the world's economies.  Oh my! The Germans, ironic isn't it, more freedom than the US. An organization openly researching and promoting free energy. The destruction of the capitalistic oligarchs is at hand from the Germans once more. Tough choice for many: Save the planet or save the economy until we all die?  ROSCH AG has home energy generating systems for a few grand that run using water and gravity as the power exerted against air fueled buoyancy. Self-contained water wheel turns a generator that make energy to run it's air pump and anything else, like your home. Simple, low tech, well tested components, lots of room for improvement.

But they don't stop there. They also are building HHO units that have put the lie to Wikipedia's old-science about it not being possible to get more energy out of electrolysis than you put in. Wikipedia is hiding behind the lie that this makes Hydrogen and Oxygen from water. They simply refuse to examine every aspect to the process of electrolysis which many people have proven is capable of so much more. So sorry Wikipedia. Brown's gas is another name for water that remains a gas at room temperature. Amazing stuff. Check it out. In fairness to Wikipedia, they aren't the only one. This video is totally misleading as to what is happening on a molecular level, but the descriptions of what it does is well done. A testament to how low tech the system is. You don't need to know nuclear physics to do low temperature nuclear reactions. This is a very well researched lecture on the research behind using water as fuel. It details the unrecognized form of water that is a gas, not a vapor, that can burn anything, with a plasma/nuclear reaction that produces LOTS more energy than was used to make it... the exhaust can be recycled into the reaction (no tailpipe) or released as it is typically cleaner than the air we breathe right now being primarily oxygen and water. If you look into it, you will find that every single one of the developers of this technology have been shut down and are not bringing their inventions into the open market. Most of them are dead. I think the only thing keeping King alive is the fact that he just reports, he doesn't do. You won't want to be interviewed by him if you're in this line of work unless you are ready to dodge the extensive well funded security forces of the global Oligarchs. Dennis Lee is a pitch man, not a technologist or engineer. A lot of money has been spent discrediting this man. But this video remains. No one in their right mind would fire up a lawn mower inside. The pollution would kill everyone in the room in minutes. Dennis not only does this, but also shuts off the exhaust, which is then fully recycled into the intake. Running an engine, any engine on a mix of water and gas (actually anything including vaporized solids) is possible with this technology which has been around since the '80's without a tailpipe. Negative carbon footprint travel is a reality. The inventor is very familiar with direct knowing. He is also an amazing healer, having cured himself of several fatal illnesses that were given to him while he was incarcerated for not selling his device to the governor of Utah as well as surviving several other attempts to kill him. OK, here is the current iteration of the life work of another genius of our time. Paul Pantone has survived on his abilities to connect with and manipulate his direct knowing connection with the Universe. Although his personal description of what he does is not something he freely discloses beyond a strong belief in God. One of his early designs is what Dennis Lee is demonstrating above. This tech is not what got Dennis in hot water with the ones going after him, it was him supporting an HHO conversion which didn't quite provide the payback promised. Not knowing the science makes it easy to miss the mark, or even have your work sabotaged by "official" test stations. This is an example of how controlled Wikipedia is today. Louis Kervran in the '60's documented a 500% increase in calcium produced by chickens over and above what they ingested. His peers, being biologists and blindly following the belief that only nuclear reactions happen in the sun, big reactors, high temperature plasma reactions, or atom bombs shut him down. Do you really think he made a mistake in measuring that level of calcium production? What's next? Star Trek replicators could be coming, some say its already here. This is a rather dry tutorial that goes into technical details ad nasium... I confess I have not fully watched it. But, Thane C. Heins did get a Canadian patent for the technology that uses the voltage swing on a transformer core to generate current without using the current from that source... or simply put, he has designed a way to make free electrical energy.  Yep, he's designed a non-rechargeable car... it doesn't need recharging.  No production offers, of course.

It turns out Thane isn't the only one. There is also a company trying to do this same thing, but keeping their method secret. They ran a printing press factory on batteries for a day. In 1977 a team of engineers patented a way to harvest the back EMF energy from an electric motor, but in 1975 an engineer gave an interview on TV and explained the technique, and showed he could harvest progressively more energy without putting more energy in. His patents don't speak anything about what he demonstrated. Odd. Joseph Newman, a very spiritual man who got his ideas from god. He is a weight lifter by trade. His invention was intentionally destroyed by the patent office because they support control of the economy. Even congress admitted they broke the law, but refused to act on his behalf. Oh, and it would have made your electric bill $0. It takes advantage, like Heins's invention, of the power of the magnetic part of the electromagnetic energy that is electricity to respond to voltage and create current without the need to be supplied a current. He does this by the limitation of the speed of light that EM waves travel. The voltage goes in, but the current doesn't come out. So dead batteries can power his motor, which also makes electricity. His invention is a little impractical. 7 miles of wire in every motor is a bit extreme. Of course semiconductors could use the same principle (faster switching speeds would make small wire runs practical) and be self-powered. Eliminating batteries. OUCH! There goes another huge industry and source of toxic pollution. This effect is seen in semiconductors, but is designed out of course. It tends to blow up circuits when left running out of control. Something Joe had to deal with by installing huge capacitors to store the excess power coming off his "motor". Oh, I might mention that his motor also charges the batteries (non-rechargeable ones... shucks, there goes another pollution nightmare that would kill the disposable battery industry)