Who are you? What have you done? Where are you going?

These are questions that all of us ask others and ourselves. Today there is no time, answers are expected to be less than 30 seconds. Unless you're on an elevator, then you have just enough time before the door opens, about one to three minutes.

No one really expects to get a complete answer, they're just trying to get a hook, something to focus on.

For those people, my answers are sincere and current, I have multiple areas of interest and expertise, so I have multiple hooks, each complete and valid:

I am a brilliant technical marketeer. This is something I love doing because it draws on so many various specialties: sciences, how things work and why one solution is better than another functionally; financial, what the investments, returns, risk management; social engagement, cultural sensitivities; methods of persuasion; aesthetics; and more.

I am a top performing salesman; my primary approach is counselor sales: intelligent dialogue that discovers the needs of a client and then crafts the perfect product/service package to not just solve, but improve the situation for long term returns and well grounded optimal negotiations.

Program management, working with technologists and diverse team members, integrating diverse needs and interrelated technologies and functions to produce desired results that meet or exceed all the program goals. This includes production control, for which I've designed both forecasting models and MRP systems to great benefit.

Researcher: I have always played with models and sought to understand how things work. Recently I have been investigating the work of others in green energy development and have clarified much of the confusion that is out there as to what is real and what is false.

I have experience in all of these areas and find them each equally satisfying and areas of success. While pursuing these functions, I have also developed some truly useful skills for solving problems.

I am a very intelligent person with a proven track record of helping people and organizations be successful. I've solved problems that frustrated many a good man, and have developed resources and abilities that are best of class. My focus has always been on improving the resources that contribute the most, people being one of them.

I am actively looking for new opportunities while continuing my own private work towards saving our environment through technological research and social education. This means I am very well informed on the science and technologies that provide green energy. Also the challenges these impose on our social structures. I believe this to be a topic all of us need to become experts in, if we are seriously going to improve our impact on our habitat.